A Quick Thank You

Welcome back to ZebranoWoodCraft.com! This website has been offline for a long time (mainly due to getting hacked!) but now it’s back with a new look and content!

Since 2016 rolled in I’ve been working hard to streamline the shop and work on new skills so I can bring new products to market so I just wanted to say that none of this would be possible without the help of my customers and followers!

Thank you to everyone who has bought a ring and given me the opportunity to live my dream as an artist and take my business to the next level – I love you guys!

I’d also like to give a big shout out to everyone who has followed me on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Instructables, Twitter (the list goes on!)…

Without the encouragement and feedback from all you lovely people I would not be able to spend my days creating things and teaching others my craft so in the words of Bill Medley “I owe it all to you!”.

There are exciting times ahead as I continue to create jewellery for my Etsy store, new tutorials for my Youtube channel and there’s even a rumour of a course coming later this year! If this sounds good then get the kettle on and stick around!

Thanks again,


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