How To Measure Your Ring Size For Buying Rings Online

How To Measure Your Ring Size For Buying Rings Online

By Dan Rees from

As a jewellery designer and maker of custom wooden rings I understand that finding your ring size is a tricky business and can be confusing at the best of times!

In this video I’ve attempted to dispel some myths and offer advice to help you avoid the hassle of resizing fees, return postage and disgruntled jewellers!

Why are fingers so hard to size?

Throughout the day your finger will change size as your body temperature warms up or cools down.

Further more jewellers often use sizing charts or tools that vary in size.

You also need to factor in the width of the band as wider rings will feel tighter on the finger and the conversion from one country’s measuring system to another.


How To Measure Your Ring Size

The internet is littered with printable ring size charts or methods like using a piece of string to measure the circumference of your finger.

I am telling you outright that these methods are rarely (if ever) accurate and I strongly discourage you from relying on them alone. You can by all means use one of these methods to get an idea of your ring size but if you want to avoid hassle and resizing charges you need to visit a professional!

Most jewellery stores are more than happy to help you measure your ring size and the large high street chains will generally do this for free or for a small charge.

What will happen at the jewellery store?

If you visit a jewellery store they will be able to size you with a variety of ring sizers and you may even have the opportunity to try rings on with a similar width/profile as the one you intend to buy.

You can also have an existing ring measured on a mandrel or with a calliper to help determine your ring size.

Different countries use different sizing charts and the jeweller will use this as a reference.

There’s no exact science to finding a ring size but through trial and error you will find a size that fits on your finger comfortably and feels neither too tight, nor too loose.

You should not be able to shake the ring off the finger, but similarly the ring should not cut off your circulation! If you can slide the ring on and off easily and it doesn’t move around too much then you are on to a winner.

How To Order The Correct Ring Size First Time

As a professional jewellery designer who has made over a thousand custom rings my advice is as follows:

  1. Visit more than one jeweller (I’d say three ideally).

  2. Visit the jewellers at different times of the day/week.

  3. Try on rings with the same width and profile as the one you intend to buy.

  4. Let the jeweller know if you were measured in UK or US sizes.

What Happens If I Get My Ring Size Wrong?

Here at Zebrano Wood Craft I make all of my rings to specification using the ring size and width that you provide, however I understand that sizing your finger is difficult and if you provide the wrong size I won’t judge you!

My wooden rings cannot generally be resized but If for any reason the information you provide is inaccurate then out of loyalty to you as a customer you can exchange your ring for a new one and pay only 50% of the original cost of your order.

I hope this video has been helpful! If you need any advice on sizing please feel free to message me through Etsy or any one of my social media channels.

Be sure to check out my store on Etsy and get in touch if you would like a unique ring for that special occasion!

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