Bent Wood Rings: What Are They?

Bent wood rings make charming gifts that are durable, super comfortable and never go unnoticed! Suitable for both men and women, wooden rings are popular choices for wedding, engagement or 5th anniversary gifts, as well as cool accessories for everyday wear!

How Are Bent Wood Rings Made?

Bent wood rings are made by wrapping thin strips of hard wood to build up strong layers that allow the grain of the wood to run around the circumference of the ring. The direction of the grain adds to the structural integrity, eliminating breaking points and making them extremely resistant to most of the demands that your day to day life will throw at them.

Each ring is meticulously turned and represents hours of intricate work. When the ring has been shaped and sized a lengthy “CA finishing” process is performed.achieve a durable and glassy look that will last for years if treated with the correct care!

A high level of skill and craftsmanship is poured into the creation of every ring to ensure you’ll receive a piece of jewellery that you can love for years to come.

Custom Wooden Rings

The great thing about wooden rings is that there are endless possibilities for customisation and over the years I’ve developed a varied skill set to help bring your vision to life!  You can choose from:

  • Multiple wood species – Perhaps a particular wood is special to you in some way or it may just be that you think the grain is appealing, either way I have a huge catalogue of woods available that can be combined to create your perfect design!
  • Inlay options – You can add a touch of individuality to your ring by including an inlay.  Crushed gemstones, precious metals, guitar strings, other woods and even dinosaur bones are on the menu!
  • Custom Engravings – Would you like to include a special message inside the ring?  Wood is easy to engrave and I use a pyrography tool to burn inscriptions on the inside of wooden rings.  Wedding dates, song lyrics or secret messages are popular choices!

For more information on pricing and build times please feel free to visit my Etsy shop through the link below!

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