About Me: Wooden Rings & Other Things

My name is Dan Rees and I am a creator of wooden rings based in West Sussex, England.  I specialise in creating beautiful, handmade rings for customers all over the world and I run my Etsy shop, Zebrano Wood Craft full time!  As well as living my dream as a full time sawdust creator I also make Youtube videos to share my projects and ideas!

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Wooden Rings

My career as a craftsman began five years ago when a friend and I started making simple projects with reclaimed pallet wood, ever since then I’ve been hooked on making things with my hands!  I quickly got into making “bent wood rings” and totally fell down the rabbit hole of wood turning!

Since then my Etsy shop has grown and I now spend my days making rings that incorporate various wood species, antler, gemstones and precious metals.  Craftsmanship is extremely important to me and I ensure that every piece is made to my high standards.

Project Tutorials On Youtube

I’ve been running Zebrano Wood Craft full time since July 2014 and have had the chance to work with amazing customers from all over the globe.  My passion is in creating unique wooden rings that you can’t find anywhere else and going forward I hope to share my experience and knowledge with other craftsmen!

My latest endeavours have been in creating a YouTube channel and writing tutorials so I can share my knowledge.  In today’s world I believe it is more important than ever before that people learn how to create things with their own hands!  With the skills & knowledge I’ve cultivated I hope to make a difference – maybe someone will be inspired by my work and learn how to set up their own business to provide for their family or charity and that is what keeps me going (even when the workshop gets cold!).

Whether you’re interested in my work as a wooden ring maker or getting inspired to make something in your own workshop please feel free to browse this website, watch my videos and connect with me on social media!

Read what my customers are saying about my wooden rings:

“..My best Etsy experience to date! He made me a custom wedding band that is amazing. With my birth metal (steel guitar string) and my wife’s birth metal (silver wire) as inlays. His communication was perfect. He is patient, talented and flexible…”

Wooden Rings By Zebrano Wood Craft on Etsy

Wooden rings made with oak and turquoise

Wood Turning Projects On Youtube

How to make a ring with a wood inlay
Youtube video on how to make a ring with a wood inlay!