Celebrating 1k Subscribers On Youtube!

I’m proud to announce that earlier this month I reached my first Youtube milestone of 1,000 subscribers! I know this is miniscule in the grand scheme of things but I am over the moon to finally get my first 1k!

I started uploading videos in August 2015 with the aim of sharing some of my knowledge and since then I’ve really got addicted to Youtube!

When I first started out in wood working I went to Youtube to learn a lot of skills and get ideas for projects so I feel a sort of debt. In this day and age I feel like it is important for more of us to learn how to create things with our hands and keep the flame of craftsmanship alive! That’s why I make my videos and if I can help someone to earn extra money for their family or charity then my job is done.

I’ve taken a couple of weeks off posting tutorials to build this website but I have some crazy cool projects coming soon. If you want to learn how to make glow in the dark rings, jewellery out of broken skateboards, or how to turn pens on a lathe then stick with me!

Another idea that comes to mind is to create a monthly mini series about wood turning, highlighting the best videos from the month, industry news, tool reviews etc.  I’ll be honest it’s mainly because I miss “The Weekly Woodworking Wrap Up Review” and I think that it would be entertaining to do.  Hopefully I’ll get the chance to connect with fellow craftsmen and content creators too so we’ll see how it goes!

My latest video was “How to make a ring with a wood inlay” got off to a great start.  It’s had over 2,000 views on Youtube and got featured on Instructables!  You can watch the video and see all of my videos on my Project Tutorials page or visit my Youtube channel directly!

Watch My How To Videos Here!

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