Making A Longboard Bracelet Video

My latest video is live and kickin’ over on Youtube!  For this weeks project I decided to make a wooden bracelet shaped like a mini longboard!

This was an easy woodworking project and I barely used any power tools to make the bracelet.  The only actual bench tools I used were the bandsaw and a sanding disk to create the former (the bit the wood wraps around … I don’t really know what else to call it!).

This was made as a present to my girl and the finished bracelet was a petite 6cm by 5.2cm in an oval cuff shape.

The woods I used were Walnut and Anigre veneer. I chose these woods as they were plyable enough without soaking or heating and I was able to make the bangle in one sitting. You could use any standard thickness wood veneer to make this type of bracelet but some species might need extra preparation.

The bangle itself was made with 5 strips of wood and I alternated the layers between the Walnut and the Anigre to give that longboard ply effect.

Overall I am happy with the project though I would ideally like to use a thinner drill bit for the holes next time.

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