Limited Edition Deer Antler Rings

I have now made Deer antler rings available on a limited edition basis. Antler is a beautiful material and makes for very striking jewellery, but unfortunately I have had to cut back on the amount of antler rings I am currently making.

What are deer antler rings?

Deer shed their antlers naturally every year so there’s no cruelty involved in making this type of ring and it’s a great way to use a natural resource! Most people throw deer antlers to their dogs but over the years I have perfected the art of turning it into rings.

The process begins by cutting a chunk of antler, mounting it on the lathe and forming a ring using a variety of chisels. The antler liner is then combined with exotic wood and can be customised with an inlay of your choice (popular choices include guitar strings and dinosaur bones!).

Antler has a white colour with mottled spots of grey and brown which makes each ring unique.  It’s a crazy cool material and always starts a conversation, it can even be sentimental to some people especially if they spend a lot of time in the wilderness.


If antler is so cool why have you stopped using it!?

I haven’t fully stopped using antler and will have short runs or certain ring designs available throughout the year.  The main reason I want to cut down on antler use is for personal health reasons.  The dust produced while working with antler can be detrimental to your health – it is very fine and sticky (not great for the lungs!).  Anyone who has ever worked with antler can also testify to it’s nasty aroma and it is quite unpleasant to work with.

My business needs to grow and move forward and although antler rings are great sellers they are taking up a lot of time that I need to invest in creating new product lines and online content.  In the coming year I will be designing a range of simple, affordable wooden rings as well as more elaborate designs featuring precious metals like silver and gold!

Silver ring with kingwood and malachite
Silver ring with kingwood and malachite

When will antler rings be available again?

I have a few orders to fulfill that feature antler but will then be taking at least 3 months off of making more.  If you would like to be the first to know when antler rings become available then sign up to my email newsletter and you may also even receive a discount!

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