10 Wooden Accessories For Men

10 wooden accessories for men, because as a man of substance it’s important to dress to impress.  Maybe your looking for that finishing touch or the perfect item to start a conversation, either way accessories are essential for you to express yo’ bad self!

Mass produced plastic items from high street shops are boring, and you’re a man who needs a bit of character to his attire.  That’s why I created this list of wooden accessories for the discerning gentleman (probably a gentleman covered in sawdust!).

Wood is one of the oldest natural resources that human beings have used for self adornment which isn’t surprising given it’s beauty, warmth and variety.  Wooden accessories are interesting, unusual, and often extremely well made so let’s take a look at my top 10 wooden accessories for men!

1. Wooden Sunglasses

There are two things a man needs from a pair of sunglasses: to shade his eyeballs from the sun and to look totally bad ass.  Tick both of these boxes with a pair of wooden sunglasses!

Wooden sunglasses feel comfortable, come in a variety of species and make a great conversation piece.  Check out this beautiful pair of sandalwood glasses with exotic hardwood legs!  You can choose Walnut, Zebrano, Rosewood or Cherry wood for a personal touch and they are a steal at $31.40!

Check out these wooden sunglasses on Amazon


2. Wooden Bow ties

Recently I wore a wooden bow tie to my friends wedding and nearly everyone I met had something good to say, I nearly got more complements than the bride!  Bow ties are a perfect accessory for formal occasions like weddings or engagement parties and if you wear one made of wood, trust me you are bound to get noticed!

Make your own DIY wooden bow tie or check out this beauty on Amazon for $21.99.  Each one of these wooden bow ties are hand made in a variety of different species and even have adjustable straps so they’ll fit anyone!

Shop for wooden bow ties on Amazon


3. Wooden Wallets

A wallet may not be an item you wear on yourself for people to see, but when you’re buying a round of drinks at the bar or paying the restaurant bill you want your boys/date to see that your a man who can look after his money!  Keeping those hard earned dollar dollar bills safe in a stylish wallet will help you feel confident and stop that loose change from rattling around in your pocket!

Slim Timber men’s wallet $49.49

4. Wood Headphones


Ever wonder why all the best instruments or speakers are made of wood?  Certain hardwoods have unique acoustical properties that enhance the sound of music, and these beautiful ear buds by Symphonized are designed to do just that!

Made in a variety of exotic woods these ear buds are hand crafted to provide a crisp sound with deep, dirty bass to ensure that the more you wear them, the more you’ll love them!

Symphonized NRG 3.0 – On Sale now at $25.49


5. Wooden belt buckles

Avoid getting caught with your trousers down with a funky wooden belt buckle!  Buckle Rage have a range of wood burnt belt buckles featuring unique artwork that fit standard 1.5″ belts.

Zombie Belt Buckle $8.99

6. Wooden watches


The alpha man always turns up on time ‘cos he’s a dude who has his life together!  Watches are not so much an accessory, they’re a survival tool for the modern human!  Sure you have a clock on your phone but how many chargers do you come across when you’re fighting bears on a mountain!?

Watches are awesome pieces of engineering, combining craftsmanship, functionality and design to create pieces of wearable art.  These wooden watches from Bewell tick all the boxes at $25.99 (#nopunintended).

Wooden watches from $25.99


7. Cufflinks

They say that “the Devil is in the details” and they’re not wrong.  When it comes to style the details really matter, especially at formal occasions like weddings.  You probably won’t find yourself wearing cufflinks on a daily basis but when they’re needed you can bet your biscuit you’ll be looking good!

Cufflinks are both functional and ornamental and are a great way to express your individuality.  Wood is tactile, beautiful and extremely versatile and there are many cufflinks that incorporate it as a design element.  The pair below feature two rare but contrasting woods (Koa and Ebony) and are sure to impress!

Koa & Ebony Cufflinks $69.95


8. Wooden Pendants

Pendants for men are usually accent pieces that are designed to complement rather than become the centerpiece of an outfit.  Simple, natural materials are perfect so whether it’s a religious symbol or an emergency guitar pick, a pendant can make a great finishing detail.  The necklace below features a hypoallergenic stainless steel for manliness points and an inlay of wood for detail!

Wood and stainless steel necklace $49.99

9. Tunnels


This ancient, tribal form of self adornment is probably not for everyone but stretched ears are becoming more and more commonplace (and why the hell not?!).  With the rise of the industry many unbelievably talented craftspeople sell beautifully designed jewellery that step away from the standard plastic jewellery.

Timeless Organics and Southshore Adornments are two UK craftsmen who drop my jaw with their lathe skills and over the pond you can find producers of fantastic wooden ear gauges.

Tiger Eye Ebony double flare plugs, by Diablo Organics


10. Wooden rings

Bent wood ring with guitar string inlay

To conclude this list of wooden accessories for men I have chosen what I consider to be the most symbolic and important item of jewellery you could wear: rings.  Wooden rings were some of the first pieces of jewellery that mankind used to spice up their style and even to this day rings can mean a great deal to those who wear them.

Whether they are symbols of love and commitment, or to signify another meaning there’s no denying that rings are powerful pieces of jewellery.  The striking grain patterns of exotic hardwoods combined with interesting inlay materials (like precious stones or metals) can produce unique pieces of jewellery that are comfortable, durable and striking.

Visit my Etsy shop for more information on my wooden rings!

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