20% Off Dinosaur Bone Rings

The days are getting longer and colder in the workshop at the moment but I’ve been making some cool bent wood rings!

Here’s a best seller – it’s a grey maple & rosewood ring with meteorite, copper and agatised dinosaur bone. That chunk of rock there is the Dino bone!

What is Agatised Dinosaur Bone?

Agatised dinosaur bone is formed when a bone is mineralised over millions of years and becomes embued with minerals such as agate, pyrite and even opal sometimes.

It’s a very distinctive material to work with and definitely makes a conversation piece!

Can I Send You My Own Fossils?

I am always happy to make custom orders and I’ve worked with customers from all over the globe who’ve sent fossils to me.

I’ve used Spinosaurus bones, megalodon teeth and coprolite so the possibilities are endless!  I welcome any enquiries about dinosaur Bone rings so please feel free to get in touch!

Dinosaur Bone Rings
Get 20% off dinosaur Bone Rings in store this week!
20% Off Dinosaur Bone Rings

These are available in store and you can get 20% off your order until Friday – sales rarely happen around here so go grab yourself a bargain!

Visit my ring shop for more information!

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